The Company

AirGreen LLC is a company based in West Chester, PA that provides solutions to problems of

indoor air quality by applying liquid desiccant technology to control humidity and provide air

cleaning. AirGreen LLC has patents on the unique technology that maximizes the effectiveness

and efficiency of latent (moisture related) and sensible (temperature related) heat removal from a humid airstream.


In 2016, AirGreen is manufacturing initial commercial products in Pennsylvania. Demonstration sites are being chosen in the Northeast, and Southeast US proving the wide

geographical applicability of the products. Field trials are planned in different climate zones and

different market applications prior to full product launch of sizes from 8 to 30 tons cooling capacity (1,000cfm to 2,500cfm.) in 2017 following completion of ETL certification.


Distribution of the product will be through channel partners in the main markets of the USA, Canada and Mexico, and in conjunctions with heat pump manufacturers. Heat pumps work in

conjunction with the AirGreen units at greatly increased efficiencies. The AirGreen units may also by powered by any sources of hot water at 130°F (such as solar thermal or waste heat) and chilled water at 60°F (such as ground source or chiller return streams).

Future products include a Residential system that will be designed following the launch of the Commercial products in 2017.

The AirGreen Vision

The AirGreen Vision is a world in which no energy is wasted in providing air-conditioned spaces that are comfortable, healthy and well-ventilated. We will revolutionize the air conditioning industry by providing "first in class" liquid desiccant systems that provide unrivaled comfort with savings in first cost, operating costs, and energy costs.  We will supply a range of “made in America”  products with our industry leading patented technology and continuously improve equipment performance.

The AirGreen Mission

The Airgreen Mission is to provide true air conditioning that...


  • Provides better temperatures, the right amount of humidity and high levels of ventilation air to maximize occupant comfort and increase personal productivity
  • Eliminates the cold, damp, semi-dehumidified air as today's equipment delivers
  • Sanitizes air to remove small and large particulates, mold, bacteria, and viruses.


To do all of the above by:


  • Leading the way in the industry by selling excellent engineered systems and licensing other quality manufacturers to use our products in approved market sectors
  • Maintaining our core focus and competency on Technology and Engineering and continuous improvement, Air Green will always supply the best engineered products
  • Providing superlative support to our customers, distributors, manufacturers’ reps. and HVAC contractors
  • Keeping  it simple; using proven, high endurance, simple components that improve cost and reliability
  • Treating our customers, partners, and employees with respect and fairness.

Our Team

Andrew Mongar

Founder & CTO

Andrew Mongar, has been an energy innovator for over 30 years. At British Gas he was Assistant to the Director of the $400 Million Substitute Natural Gas Program and then Manager of Long Term R&D and Technology Policy. He worked in government in the U.K. Cabinet Office and the European Commission where he introduced Technology Assessment. Following work in Corporate  Venturing at British Gas Andrew joined a technology development start-up and raised $3.5 Million. Andrew has a degree in Mathematics from Bristol University, UK and a  Masters in Operations Research from Imperial College, London, UK. He also studied and taught International Business at Temple University.

James A. Clark, CEM

SVP, Engineering

James A. Clark has over 25 years experience in the energy industry.  Jim is an expert with the design, development, and implementation of HVAC equipment. He is frequently consulted by corporate and outside engineers for complex projects.


Jim’s implementation work ranges from conducting energy conservation audits to developed Performance Contracting projects to designing and project managing the installation of Cogeneration plants.


As Director of Engineering at a CSP, he created load curtailment strategies that enabled customers to participate in Electric Grid Demand Response Programs.  Jim has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University and is a Certified Energy Manager by the Association of Energy Engineers.  He has received local and national awards for accomplishments in the energy field.  He is a member of ASHRAE and AEE.  He is on the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of AEE Board and is a past Chapter President.


Jim Barrett

VP, Customer Solutions

Jim Barrett leverages 25 years of outside sales and sales management . He’s sold high-end commercial HVAC equipment (including competitive liquid desiccant systems) and industrial service contracts to leading corporations, the DoD and other organizations.

Jim has developed and implemented successful sales programs and trained numerous sales professions in the art of matching customer needs with solutions while developing long-term relationships based on trust and mutual success.


Ron Smorada

Materials Advisor

Ron brings over 30 years of knowledge and experience in nonwoven technology. He has created entirely new nonwoven products that are widely used in industrial and commercial markets world-wide. He was the first to commercialize spunbond fabrics for use energy conservation in residential and commercial buildings as Housewraps, including Tyvek, Typar and other brands. Many of his inventions resulted in large cost saving applications for his clients and all of them took advantage of the incredible potential of nonwoven technology.


After leaving BBA Group, Ron started up VersaCore Industrial Corp, which pioneered the VersaCore process for converting two-dimensional fabrics and films into three-dimensional structures, which created entirely new applications for these starting materials. The technology was subsequently sold is now owned by a Fortune 100 company. Ron has advanced degrees in Organic Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame and Purdue University. He served as a Naval Officer and is a Vietnam veteran.


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